Gadget of the Week: Purr2Go

I’m just going to say it. Writing reviews for Sprout is the best job ever. Every month or two, I get yet another crazy awesome piece in the mail for free just for being willing to tell people I think of it.  Um… yes please? This month: The Purr2Go; a polycarbonate bubbler that can be disassembled and cleaned with ease. This should be fun.

So let’s jump right into it. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. Easy to read, well laid out and with a nice, retail-friendly view of the assortment of components that make up the Purr2Go. I was immediately taken aback by the lightweight pieces I was removing from the box. I couldn’t help but scratch my head and wonder how this whole set up could possibly be effective. It wasn’t until I tried to assemble the piece that it ALL made sense. Assembly was easy. The pieces fit with an unseen precision. That would give many cars, computers and personal electronics made from similar materials a run for their money. Every piece was painstakingly machined to ensure a perfect fit and seal. Once assembled, the Purr2Go feels SOLID but remains lightweight and easy to hold.

Side note: The only pieces of the this unit that aren’t polycarbonate are the downstem, bowl and of course the included titanium nail. Yes I said INCLUDED.

Ok back to the fun. We tested the Purr2Go with multiple packs, both loose leaf and straight nugs. The Purr2Go handled both with ease and efficiency. As far as bubblers go, Purr is the California original and has taken that know-how to the next level with Purr2Go. When you take your first hit, be sure to take your time as the Purr2Go can easily bowl over you like a truck! It is efficient and quite effective at delivering a high quality experience time and time again.

Here are a couple of cases where the Purr2Go really comes in handy:

  • You’re all set to go and someone wants to cool things down with some ice. No worries, twist off the reservoir and add away.
  • You’re midsession and your friends stop by and want to try the Purr2Go. Quickly repack the bowl and clean out the reservoir. In no time you can share a clean fresh start with your friends. Try doing that with your standard bubblers without spilling and/or ruining your pack.

Regardless of the scenario, the Purr2Go assembles with ease and is so well designed, that when fully assembled, you forget that the majority of the piece is made up of polycarbonate components that were just strewn across your table five minutes ago.

Bottom line: if you need an efficient and versatile piece that you can take anywhere or nowhere, Purr2Go is the piece for you.

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