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What is Cannabidiol ?

Recently, new products stemming from plants of cannabis were born on the Belgian and French market: products with cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD is a cannabinoid which we find to the natural state in the flowers of cannabis, in the variable proportions according to the cultivated varieties. Contrary to the THC, he does not lead psychotropic effects and acts moreover as light antagonist of the receivers cannabinoids: the CBD is so known to limit certain effects of the THC, in particular its stressful and psychotic effects (frenzies, hallucinations, paranoia, etc. ; Zuardi and al., 2012). He also acts as inhibitor of the recapture of the anandamide (an endogenous cannabinoid) and late the degradation, and he also has an action on certain receivers in the sérotonine as well as on certain receivers opioid. According to the NHS, the people reached of the Parkinson's disease will be victims of involuntary tremors of various parts of the body, stiff muscles and slow movements.

They can also have problems of depression, insomnia and anxiety. In a study led with patients parkinsoniens in the center of the disorders of the movement of Prague and having related a consumption of cannabis orally, 30,6 % of them declared to have a tremor of rest reduced thanks to their consumption of cannabis orally ", explains Dr Gordon. Besides, 44,7 % declared that the cannabis orally limited the symptom of the bradykinésie - the slowness of the movements. Products with CBD (flowers of cannabis, e-liquid, extracted for herb tea, etc.) Are sold in specialized shops or on the Internet in a transparent way. They take advantage most of the time of a grey zone of the European law and\or of its translation national right. Indeed, the European Union established a tolerance towards the culture of hemp not so as to hinder its use for industrial purposes or commercial, while preventing the marketing of psychoactive products, and by authorizing it only the culture of varieties of hemp which contain no more than 0,2 % of THC. So, storekeepers began to exploit a gap in the law by selling foreign products containing a substance, called CBD, and without exhilarating substance (THC).

Jouany Chatoux is of those but he wished, with his partners of the Gaec Chatoux-Jeanblanc-Pichon, to start the tests of life-size culture to save time and make the demonstration of the relevance of the project. However, no way for the farmers to be outlawed: "we cultivate only authorized species not exceeding a rate of THC of 0,2 %. We conform to legal requirements (to see besides) and selected about ten varieties of hemp registered on the catalog of the authorized plants.

Relation between CBD and hemp

The CBD is quickly becoming a therapy recognized for numerous different diseases. In its varied forms, the cannabidiol is nowadays also in the front line food complements thanks to its benefactions for the maintenance of our well-being.
The new sector of the CBD is refining, of improving and of spreading the methods of extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes and other present phytochemical compounds in the cannabis. At the same time, it is possible to make good extractions of particular at home carefree CBD.
The extraction of the resin of the plant of cannabis eliminates fibers and other components of stalks, sheets and flowers of the cannabis. This allows ingredients active as CBD to be concentrated and cleansed. Every method of extraction has its advantages and its inconveniences, various costs and various levels of purity, power or quality.
The legal plants of hemp rich in CBD are an effective source of cannabidiol for the production of oil rich in CBD. The choice of the method of extraction is made after a careful selection of the raw material. These two tasks affect directly the characteristics and the efficiency of the oil of CBD.

The plants of cannabis with a contents rich in CBD give to the consumer a relaxed physical sensation, which helps for numerous different diseases. It is important to note that the consumption of doses constant and checked of this active ingredient is crucial to consider every physical reaction individual, according to the particular disease. As for any other concentrated vegetable, the oil of CBD allows a regular, precise and periodic dosage, but all the extracts are not produced in the same way. Here is a summary of the most current methods of extraction, with their advantages and inconveniences. Other producers had more trouble getting along with the gendarmes. Last February, two tons of CBD oil were seized in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. In another operation in south-eastern France, two owners of a hemp farm had their production seized and were detained for the illicit manufacture of narcotics in organized gangs. The law blames them for exceeding the legal rate. If the procedure is still underway, an employee contacted by franceinfo claims to have experienced "trauma" when he is taken "for the first time in his life" to the gendarmerie, in December 2017. They criticized us for producing plants with a rate above 0.2% and selling flowers".