Marijuana Nutella “Chrontella” is Now Trending

There’s a hot new edible on the edible scene and it hails from above the border.

Straight out of Canada comes “Chrontella” which comes exactly as it sounds: classic hazelnut Nutella with a modern marijuana twist. The packaging is also modern, sleek, and welcoming:

As you can see, this company is also making a plain Jif-like peanut butter aptly called “Pif”, a THC “Kush Syrup”, and a Jam-mon. The only issue with these products is that they clearly riff off of actual products and the very similar logos might welcome a cease and desist of sorts.

Still, these edibles look like a Canadian slam dunk. There are few stoners out there who wouldn’t dip their toast in any of these products.

And that actually brings up one more issue with an edible like this: it might actually taste too good to stop consuming!

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