Marley Natural Releases Black Walnut Collection

The folks at Marley Natural are truly creating a one stop shop for all things cannabis culture.

For decades, the smoking accessories industry has been plagued by the fine balance of art versus price.  Most of us would like a heady piece we can display to our friends, but the reality is we’re not going to keep it clean enough to show it off or be able to prevent the inevitable breakage when it’s dropped by one of our closest pals. So we go with cheap.

Marley Natural has just released a line of smoking accessories that solves that problem.  Not only are these pieces built for durability, they also break down for convenient and quick cleaning, ensuring these pieces can be showroom quality clean with the utmost ease.  These features, combined with the elegant artistic designs reminiscent of a Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial make Marley Natural’s smoking accessories a top choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

Marley Natural smoking accessories are one of the newest product brands to hit the market using the Marley license.  While the majority of Marley product releases over the years have been little more than cheaply made ash trays and air fresheners, Marley Natural has taken back the name with the quality and craftsmanship put into this line of accessories.

They have supplied the market with elegant tasters, spoon pipes, steam rollers, and bubblers to be paired up with storage accessories such as holders, cases, and trays, each and every one carrying subtle Jamaican-inspired accents. These beautiful works of art have been crafted using sustainably grown American Black Walnut sourced from North American trees.  The bubblers, pipes, tasters, and steam rollers have been accented with high quality heat resistant hand blown glass, creating a beautiful marriage between function and art.  The sleek styling and elegant curves ensures your piece will look as good displayed in your room as it does burning your favorite strain.  Every piece in this collection is designed for easy breakdown and convenient cleaning, ensuring the best presentation when you display these masterpieces.

Each functional detail has been considered and crafted into every piece.  The spoon pipe, for example, has been built with the utmost durability to ensure it holds up to all of your travelling adventures. And in the event that a real disaster occurs, a carrying case is included to further prevent physical damage.  The stem and bowl have been designed for consistent draws and the disassembly is convenient for easy cleaning.  The Marley Natural Small Case includes several compartments to hold your taster and your rolled or loose herb.  It’s surrounded with a universal silicon seal to ensure it holds its precious cargo safely.

Quality does come with a price and these works of art are no exception.  A bubbler could set you back $162 and the large tray will bang your budget for $78.  With that price, though, comes the durability of each piece, ensuring you’re not watching your investment be swept away into a dustpan of broken glass and hauled off on trash day with the egg shells and discarded blunt wrappers.  So, the next time your buddy is enthusiastically standing in the middle of the room telling you a story while waving your Marley Natural steamroller around in his hand, you won’t have to fret about it’s inevitable fall from grace into pieces on your living room floor. Instead, you can focus on his idea of what would make the best Star Trek episode.  When he’s done, you can put your Marley Natural steamroller back on its display stand next to the rest of your collection.

The attention put into every tiny functional and artistic detail makes the new Marley Natural smoking accessories a top bid for our dollars.

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  1. Lenny Frieling

    I love black walnut, and love the overall look. I look forward to ebony too. and bamboo (replenish able) rosewood and cocobolo (use a mask of course) Now to see what I can’t live without. I always like the various wooden boxes. I burn my fingers with the pipes. Consider this: A donation of one item, accompanied by lots of literature, for the NORML Legal Committee yearly in Aspen, June 1-Jun5. You’d want the donation to me in Colorado before the and of April, or to the Gant in Aspen before June. I think it is great exposure, makes me look good, and give a chance to show off a picture and a pipe (or whatever you think) to a good demographic. And it makes me look good Plug the show also of course!

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