Poison Center Warns Parents To Check For Marijuana Edibles This Halloween

By: Kristian Foden-Vencil
Source: OPB

(Editors Note: This story is shared for the purpose of educating our audience on the officially backed propaganda. Because, as we all know, giving away free cannabis candy is EXACTLY what we all want to do tonight…)

Experts at the Oregon Poison Center are warning parents to be on the lookout for marijuana edibles in their kids’ Halloween candy.

There haven’t been any reports in Oregon of people slipping edibles into kids’ candy, but toxicologist Robert Hendrickson, worries it could happen accidentally.

“This is a time of year when there’s lots of candy around the house because they’re going to go out into bowls to be handed out. And there are kids coming home with candies,” he said.

“And our concern is that the candies could get mixed up. So our plea is for anyone who has cannabis-containing candies out there, just make sure that they’re locked up. And that’s a good thing to do all the time,” said Hendrickson.

Some useful tips are: avoid candy that isn’t commercially wrapped. And any product that has cannabis in it, should have a small red label on it, stating the contents.

Hendrickson says low doses of cannabis are likely to only cause mild symptoms in kids. But he says, the poison center has seen instances of kids eating homemade pot brownies and they’ve experienced symptoms requiring hospitalization.

Source: OPB
Author: Kristian Foden-Vencil
Published: October, 31 2016

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