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The Property Paradox: How Can I Possess Pot If I Cannot Defend It?

Prohibition laws create a lot of logical problems, among them being the issue of property and individual ownership of controlled substances.


How can I possess pot if I cannot defend it? Do I not have a right to defend my property, or to seek legal assistance from the authorities in securing it from thieves? If not, can it really be said to be my property? And if it is not my property, how can I possess it?

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Now you might try to make the case that “having” it qualifies as possession, and depending on the cop you would probably be right. Yet they would still try to determine who owned it when deciding who to charge with possessing it if there was more than one person present. In a courtroom, however, the ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were not the owner will almost certainly get your charges dropped.

In the end, possession is about ownership, and ownership is about property. We allegedly have a right to defend our property with whatever means necessary. However it is unlikely in a prohibition state that the justice system would uphold your right to defend THAT property. Not even if it was the life-saving medicine you gave your child. For that YOU would be punished.

We have all read the stories about the poor fools who called the cops after someone dashed with their stash, only to be arrested for their misguided attempts to have their private property returned to them. Yet that is exactly what police are supposed to do – recover stolen property and bring the thief to justice.

When it benefits police and the profits the drug war has privileged them with, your drugs are your property and you shall be punished for ownership. Yet if it were to benefit you to have them allow or assist you in protecting your property, you aren’t supposed to own it so therefore you don’t.

What we have here is a paradox. A situation in which the facts cannot be resolved through logic, or in this case, even common sense. Prohibition laws create black holes of reason and render the justice system a farce of hypocrisy and lies.

As if that is not awful enough, those laws also proclaim that you do not even own yourself. Self-ownership is violated the moment that the threat of aggression is used to prevent individuals from ingesting whatever they desire in order to shift their consciousness however they please. The very question of who owns your body and mind are at stake here.

Do you get to be in control of you? Do you have bodily autonomy? If not, cannabis prohibition laws are a form of slavery, as are all laws that do not designate a specific damaged individual as victim of the crime.

Free the weed. Free the humans.

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