The Prophecies Of Sasquatch Glass

The burgeoning legal cannabis industry has a visionary blazing a broad new trail in the form of Sasquatch Glass. Makers of high-end glassware, Sasquatch’s visionary co-founder Scott Hunter built the Sasquatch mission to serve a marketplace and a country that did not yet exist when he began five years ago. Hunter is playing a long game as he peers into the future of not only his company, but also the cannabis industry at large (and maybe the next president).

Sasquatch began as a longshot. Hunter had a vision and a knowing—maybe a little like people who know ‘in their bones’ when it’s going to rain—where the industry and the country were headed.

“This was all on the gut feeling… that this was all going to happen and then happen on a national front.” And as the faithful say, Hunter just believed. “When I started this three and a half years ago… the Washington and Colorado votes hadn’t happened yet.”

As a massive would-be cottage industry that has operated in the shadows for so long, many veterans of the underground marijuana trade at all levels are quickly finding themselves in a brave new legal world for which the vast majority are ill-prepared. At the same time, while a new legion of Ivy-League MBA grads and the like are beginning to smell the buckets of money the legalized industry is already yielding,  it is yet to be seen whether they have the same unique insight and skill-sets necessary to succeed that the veterans have.

It is here on this wild new legalized frontier where we find Hunter. With a couple decades under his belt in the mainstream retail world, he recognizes its intrinsic value as a well-oiled machine. One can’t help but think of Steve Jobs a little bit as Hunter doggedly articulates a commitment to simplicity and building a brand that is ready-made for everyone. His plan is a simple plan: to bring affordable quality and beauty to the mainstream in the form of glassware, as cannabis itself goes mainstream.

Back inside the old model at your local smoke shop, it’s largely business as usual—as though the landscape was not changing drastically. “They’ve lurked there in the shadows,” Hunter relays. Out of necessity, the cannabis industry as a whole—often characterized by shady dealings and legal tap-dancing—has gone largely unchecked by proven mainstream retail practices. Even the most novice of smokers is privy to the practice of marking smoking products and apparatus with the requisite winking “For tobacco use only.” Hunter is quick to point out that 60 or 70 years have gone by with this kind of business model of doing ‘what must be done’ for the industry to simply exist at all.

Fast-forwarding to the present. Hunter observes, “What this all leads to is, you’ve got this recreational industry that’s going to boom.” Obviously, Americans drink alcohol. And with this new and ever-evolving era of mainstream cannabis which is broadening on every front seemingly every day, Hunter foresees an even-broader horizon which he believes is on the verge of an explosion. In Hunter’s opinion, anywhere from thirty percent to as high as seventy percent of Americans over 21 years old will be using cannabis in some form.

“With that comes people who need the apparatus with which to consume,” he says. “Because no matter how many people dab and how many people go to edibles, people are always going to need glass.”

Looking even further into his proverbial crystal ball, Hunter relays the crux of his vision for Sasquatch and the entire cannabis industry.


“’Soccer Mom Pot Store 2.0’ is basically what you’re seeing here. From the beginning, we designed things that would appeal to that audience. So when we first started, it was a real disadvantage.”

He confesses that it used to be head shops would routinely respond to the sleekly-crafted Sasquatch products by saying they were “too expensive,” or that they were “too simple and there are no percs.” Ultimately, “They just didn’t get it.” But now, just a few year later, as we foray into this new world of mainstream marijuana, Hunter’s visions have indeed come to fruition. Sasquatch built the elegant simplicity the broader market was always going to want. How does the market respond to Sasquatch Glass now? “Now everybody wants it or is trying to copy it.” And that market is only going to grow and grow.

This apparent cannabis soothsayer continues, “If you look at the major cultural issues of the last 30 or so years… from abortion to gay rights,” each new social progression happens faster than the last. With the advent of internet and social media, he observes that things are evolving more quickly with each passing day. “The gay rights people now say, the speed at which cannabis legalization is happening is faster than what they did.”

It all comes down to the fact that alcohol prohibition did end. People do drink. And at the end of the day (proverbially and otherwise), they need a glass from which to drink. Cannabis prohibition has finally begun its inevitable demise as well. And people do smoke and likewise, they need glass from which to do so. Hunter’s eye is on the big prize: Sasquatch Glass in every home.

Sasquatch Glass is eyeballing the big picture from a retail perspective. Hunter relays, “I’d rather be, like, Macy’s and Target than the upper-end guys who are appealing to [just] 10% of the population.” As spot-on as Hunter has been thus far, it would be foolhardy to bet against him.

“As the thumb gets taken off of the top of the industry and everybody is allowed to begin to roam a little more freely and experiment… you’ll see that there will be a number of businesses that will come out of it that will be successful.”

He also peers into the country’s socio-political future, where he’s picked another attractive longshot.

“And then you get to the point where you have presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders saying that the law should be repealed and the rescheduling should happen immediately…. Bernie’s the only one… I think Hillary Clinton has moved her position more toward Bernie’s side, but Bernie’s the only one I know who is calling for an all-out end to the [marijuana] prohibition.” He continues proudly, “Sasquatch Glass has thrown our support to Bernie Sanders and that’s who we’re supporting for president.”

There’s a quality in his voice that sounds all-at-once ecstatic to be discussing a presidential candidate who is willing to articulate such a platform at all alongside the sound of a well-earned impatience for such a political promise to finally become a national reality. Hunter is clearly a true believer. He knows this evolution is good for the nation and he’s got anecdotal proof fresh from his own Washington state doorstep to back it up.

“Weed is legal here and everything’s okay. Everybody’s okay. The world hasn’t caved in. Seattle’s fine. Washington is fine.”


Words by Davey O.

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