The Smart Mason Lid Reinvents a Classic

The Smart Mason Lid is a new product currently in development that will not only help cannabis users manage and budget their consumption, but will also connect them to dispensaries, providing insight, discounts, purchase locations, and everything in between to perfectly round out the end customer experience.

We’ve all been there.  We start with a mason jar packed full and topped off with the mouthwatering goodness of our favorite strain, convinced that this time it will last forever, or at least more than a week.  Barely a day or two later, we’re staring at an empty jar, scrambling to figure out how we’re going to re-up before payday with little to no idea as to how we managed to burn through so much.

Enter the Smart Mason Lid: an ingenious new concept currently in development that might just revolutionize the way we track our smoke. In the simplest terms, the Smart Mason is a digital scale that doubles as a lid to your mason jar. It connects with your smartphone via bluetooth to track multiple consumption variables, allowing you to better manage your intake.


The Smart Mason Lid was originally conceived based on a need that inventor, Isaac Ost, saw in the newly forming cannabis industry. “The cannabis industry needs better ways to connect with their customers and there aren’t many options out there,” Ost explains. But by utilizing the technology he and his team are currently developing, “businesses can reach out to the consumer based on their preferred strains, quantities, or purchasing patterns.”

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. Upon purchase of the Smart Mason and installation of the app, the user will be instructed to input the strain name, quantity purchased and price paid. “This will set it up so it knows what you started with and how much each weight correlates to  a dollar amount,” Ost explains. From there, the Smart Mason, using digital precision technology that measures product weight within a tenth of a gram, will monitor the amounts smoked via the descending weight and use the collected data to make suggestions that will hopefully maximize user experience.

As strains continue to be indicated, the app will collect more information to determine how effectiveness can be maximized.  Periodically, the app will ask such questions as “On a scale from 0-10, do we have any pain?”  Taking in account the amount of each strain, the type of strain, and the time of day, the Smart Mason will be able to educate itself on the amount of medicine needed from each strain in order to achieve the desired effects for the individual. Over time, the app will be able to make recommendations on how to improve upon those effects, whether the patient is seeking pain relief, increased appetite, or whatever other benefits the plant has to offer. It’s like having a combination medical/financial advisor in the palm of your hand there to advise whenever needed.

Founders and prototype

But what happens when the jar is empty and you have to make the “oh so important” choice on our next purchase? Open the app and reach out to a social network of dispensaries who are not only carrying your favorite strain, but can recommend one that you may like even more, based on consumption habits and preferred effects.  While you’re in the app, Ost plans for you to have the opportunity to browse through multiple coupons and discount offers from local dispensaries.  Theoretically, because you’re a Smart Mason user, these dispensaries will have created custom coupons and discounts catered directly to the consumption data collected by the Smart Mason app.

Originally, Ost intended to build the technology into the jar itself. However, after considering how universal mason jars are among cannabis users, our young inventor realized making a lid that could fit the most common size of that would be a much more marketable direction. Not to mention, this would allow a person to utilize the technology for more than just their cannabis stash, as Ost and company are also developing an app to help everyday people monitor nutritional intake. “I’m basically creating a smart kitchen scale within the lid of a mason jar,” says Ost. “But you can currently buy a normal kitchen scale that connects to an app that does the same thing.” More or less, what this non-cannabis side of the product will do, is utilize existing data to break down the nutritional content of each ingredient being weighed and monitor daily or weekly intake. “So if you have 100 grams, and it’s 7% protein, it would just be seven grams protein,” Ost elaborates. “This is all data that’s already out there. We’d just have to access it through APIs which are Application Programming Interfaces.”

Though things are moving along and developing quickly, Ost insists that the product will have a long way to go yet before they’re ready to bring it to market. “We’re in the Alpha stage,” Ost says candidly.  “We’re still building out the additional features, but we have the main functionality for weighing and seeing the weight measurements on the phone and tracking that information.” Beta testing is only a few months out, and will be the key to the final honing in on what the customer needs and how the app can be most effective. For now, Ost and his cohorts are focusing on the funding, reaching out through traditional investor channels as well as a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.

Interested parties or potential investors can learn more by visiting the Smart Mason website.

Or, check out the video . . .

The Smart Mason from chance roberts on Vimeo.

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