Watch: Tour Colorado’s Top Extraction Lab With VICE’s Munchies

VICE takes us to Denver, Colorado for a pot-tastic oil-infused culinary experience.

VICE’s Munchies channel sets the bar high with its cannabis content. While that content usually revolves around a very medicated Action Bronson blazing and biting on the world’s finest high-end sweets and Sativas, the show “Bong Appetit” also makes a nice mark.

Recently, host, Abdullah Saeed, paid a visit to the undisputed cannabis capital of the world: Denver, Colorado. This time around, Saeed visits with the Simply Pure dispensary and Viola Labs, one of Colorado’s top hash-making outfits known for its live resin.

Along the way, he also samples an infused Caribbean dinner courtesy of Simply Pure’s owners. Watch it below:

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