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YouTube’s Cannabis Royalty: Top 5 Channels Highlighting Chronic

The internet changed the way that entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and many others distribute their content. Thanks to these important changes a seriously creative class of cannabis connoisseurs have emerged and are effectively changing the way the world views cannabis. By creating educational, entertaining and informative content, the individuals behind these channels are not only doing what they love, but helping to eliminate a negative stigma behind cannabis patients and recreational adult users.

#5 Jorge Cervantes – Cultivation Expert
  • Subscribers – 110,594
  • Views – 13 million.

Jorge Cervantes is a world renowned cannabis expert whose book Marijuana Horticulture is now used as the textbook for many cannabis universities. Before he was a recognized staple of the cannabis community he was organizing guerrilla grows in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara.

In 1993 Cervantes founded his own publishing company and began to self publish cannabis grow guides, which are now printed in multiple languages and revered as any growers “bible”.

Cervantes now uses his YouTube channel to offer instruction and insight into the many problems one might face while tending to a garden of cannabis, as well as, publish his daily Vlog.

#4 StrainCentral – Strain Reviews
  • Subscribers – 292,899
  • Views – 33 million

StrainCentral is YouTube’s premier video strain review channel, with informative takes on everything from your favorite flowers to new products and smoking technologies. If you are looking for the perfect flowers, or are in the market for a new smoking device, make sure to hop over to StrainCentral and see what they have to say about it. You can also request reviews – so make sure to get involved with the discussion and see what they have to say about your favorite strains.


#3 Psyched Substance – Psychonaught
  • Subscribers – 347,050
  • Views – 29 million

Although not much information on the facilitators is available, the man in front of the camera is Adam. Adam appears to be a psychonaught who likes to share his experiences through YouTube in order to educate people about psychedelics. His channel is wildly popular and hopefully some people are finding helpful advice from Adam’s experiences.

#2 HaleyIsSoarX – Cannabis Patient & Vlogger
  • Subscribers – 595,946
  • Views – 48 million

Haley is a cannabis patient from the golden state of California who has a bubbly YouTube channel she shares with her male counterpart – and together they smoke weed, tell stories and take us to their favorite smoke spots. There’s even a crazy join smoking race and a little extracurricular criminal activity, so next time you need some entertainment, see what kind of trouble Haley has been getting into.

#1 CustomGrow420 – Cannabis Education
  • Subscribers – 989,361
  • Views – 120 million

Jolie Olie is probably one of the most recognizable self made internet cannabis celebrities He is probably the only of this class to ever be featured on TMZ for getting arrested after filming a smoke session on a bridge. With a bombastic personality and some overly-comedic flair, Jolie has skyrocketed his channel into the YouTube elite as he approaches the one million subscriber mark. it appears many retailers have even started using his channel as a platform to promote their products; that is if they meet the CustomGrow420 standard and receive the Jolie Olie seal of approval. Make sure to check out which thousand dollar bong he is smoking out of next, because this guy has no intention of slowing down, even while on house arrest.


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